Great Science Share

The 2018 Great Science Share for Schools preparations are well underway. So far over 30,000 children from schools from across the UK (and as far as Korea!) are registered to take part.

Through school-led or satellite events children will experience the unique opportunity to communicate their science to new audiences. The Great Science Share for Schools is fast becoming the annual Summer fixture in the school calendar.

Campaign director Dr Lynne Bianchi explains, ‘This campaign is different because it places children’s voices at the heart of the experience – it’s their time to ask their questions, demonstrate their investigations and explain how they think scientifically. To see this grow year on year just shows how many people share our belief that curiosity and questions are what science needs to be more about.’

Great Science Share for Schools by numbers:

  • Great Science Share for Schools  – a unique campaign promoting child led enquiry and science communication
  • Great Science Share for Schools is an annual event
  • This year with 26 satellite events covering the UK and Korea!
  • Over 209 schools participating in satellite events
  • Any school can take part by host their own shares
  • This year, over 30,000 children are already registered to participate across the UK

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