The partners, Oldham Enterprise Trust, the Stoller Charitable Trust, GC Business Finance, Oldham Council and the Business Growth Hub aim to provide Oldham with a suite of products under a single Oldham Enterprise Fund banner with which to go to market with the Oldham brand.

The capital available to provide grants (to those young people under 26 years of age) and loans to the businesses is sourced from various funds, predominantly the Stoller Charitable Trust and the Start Up Loans Scheme. This new partnership with GC Business Finance factors in an additional £3 million to fund businesses in Oldham

This partnership provides funding from a range of sources:-

  • Grants (funded via a donation from the Stoller Charitable Trust) are available to eligible applicants under 26 years of age
  • Loans of up to £25,000 are available to eligible applicants via the Start Up Loans scheme
  • Other funding sources are available for existing businesses that want to grow.

By completing the application form you are agreeing to us sharing your information with our partner organisations.

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