Rio Ferdinand Foundation

Oldham Enterprise Trust and the Youth Enterprise Network Oldham (YEN: O) are delighted to partner with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation to promote and support their Digital Skills programme in Oldham

Digital Skills are an essential skill in the modern world and particularly the modern world of work. The Rio Ferdinand Foundation  is leading an 18-month pilot programme for Oldham young people aged 13-25. The programme will support those young people furthest removed from the jobs market, those lacking in confidence/motivation and those who aren’t engaging in mainstream services.

Rio Ferdinand set up his Foundation in 2012 so that he could have a closer relationship with his charitable work and tackle social issues important to him. Recognising that sports, media and the creative arts are great motivating factors for young people, the Foundation utilises those mediums and Rio’s connections within those industries, to provide a pathway for youth development.

Find out more about the Rio Ferdinand Foundation here

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