Protecting your business assets

When a business is targeted by criminals, the costs involved can be huge. Valuable equipment and stock can be lost, premises may become damaged and staff morale can be impacted. And in more extreme cases, staff members can be injured. Therefore, in order to protect your business, it makes sense to put the right security measures in place. Follow this link to a comprehensive guide from RS Services to protecting your business premises, assets and staff from crime.”

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“Cyber Security – protect your business against cyber threats”

As reliance on internet technologies increases, so do the opportunities for criminals and hackers to commit fraud. Protect your business now!

10 Steps to Cyber Security Summary – GOV.UK

Cyber security – What small businesses need to know

Cyber Essentials Assurance Framework

Owl Business News

Keep up to date with Owl Business News – the only free monthly business e-newsletter for Oldham and the surrounding areas focusing on the good stuff! Owl Business News covers issues affecting all business, regardless of size, such as new legislation, access to funding, HR, financial and IT issues and occasional case studies on innovative and/or new local Greater Manchester businesses.

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Oldham Property search – contact OMBC Investment Team –

Oldham’s Independent Quarter – Contact the town Centre Team

Am I entitled to Business Rates relief? –


Who do I contact regarding a planning enquiry? Contact the Planning Administration Team

How do I tender for local business?

Contact theProcurement Team


Join our database to get alerts on free local events –

Holding an event? Contact

How do I get a B2B mailing list? Contact the Oldham Libraries Information


Where can I get advice on Food Safety and Health & Safety? Contact Environmental Health, Chadderton Town Hall,

Where can I get advice on Trading Standards – Contact

How do I apply for a food and drink/entertainment licence? Contact the Licensing Team


How can I reduce my overheads by reducing waste? Contact Business Waste Management

How can I save money on energy costs? Contact Energy Efficiency Support | Business Growth Hub

What business to start?

Under £10,000 business ideas | Starting a business advice and business ideas

Digital – Online & digital businesses | Starting a business advice and business ideas

Catering Starting a food business | Food Standards Agency

Construction – Finding a role for you | Go Construct

Logistics – About CareersInLogistics

Engineering and Manufacturing –

EEF – The Manufacturers’ Organisation | EEF

Starting an Engineering Company Today Can Be Like Driving Into Death Valley >

Starting an Engineering Firm

Retail – How to start a retail business | Starting a business advice and business ideas

Health and Social Care –

Setting up my care business | You’re the Boss

Domiciliary home care set up from scratch….where to start please help – Start up a successful business

Financial and Professional Services – How to start a financial services franchise | Starting a business advice and business ideas

Green and Social Businesses – Green & social business | Starting a business advice and business ideas

Sport and Leisure –

How to start a sports shop | Starting a business advice and business ideas

Home based businesses – Home-based business | Starting a business advice and business ideas

Part time businesses – Part-time businesses

Recruiting & Business Tax

Recruiting people – Contact the Get Oldham Working team

Employing people and Employment Law –

Employing people – GOV.UK

Business Tax –

Expenses if you are self-employed –Expenses if you’re self-employed – GOV.UK

Business Protection

Mortgages for new business owners: What you need to know. Starting a business and buying a home; can start-up entrepreneurs have their cake and eat it too?Read on here

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