Our successful Oldham Enterprise Fund applicants come in all shapes and sizes – and business types.

You can hear from three of them in this short video as to how Oldham Enterprise Fund, and the support provided by the Business Growth Hub, have made a difference to their business start-up journey.

Listen to Connor Hall (Live and Now); Brad Jackson (Catalyst Claims) and Jannatul Chowdhury (Muzzini Clothing) explain how we have helped them.

My name is Reesa Nawas and I have just become Oldham’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2022 at the Oldham Business Awards!! I run my own pre-school setting in Oldham and have a great passion working with young children.  My pre-school setting is based in a deprived area in Oldham, which I would like to make significant change to. This job role is very important to me as I have an interest in making sure every child meets their development norm and is given the best education in their early years. As an Asian girl it has been a struggle growing up, not allowed to do many things in life. Such as, career life or studying. Growing up as a strong woman, facing each challenge of life with a determined goal. From start to finish, battling from being overweight, lack of confidence, studying through college and university, working 7 days a week (since the last 10 years), personal issues, financial stress, building a business from scratch (in Covid 19). I can say it has been a lengthy and challenging learning journey.

As part of my drive to build my business, I would like to thank The Princes Trust for supporting me with my business idea. Giving me support and knowledge around the business support which I never had. This programme delivered many different information sessions and workshops, which supported me to build my business. Such as, marketing, taxes, budgeting and much more. Also, I had a business mentor, regular one to one session’s took place which involved working on my business plan and cash flow. Furthermore, having support from Oldham Enterprise Trust was an amazing experience and an honour to work with them. They were  brilliant and I know I could count on them, to always offered me the best support. When receiving the grant, this made my day. I had many outgoings with the business. The grant made the expenses lighter for me. It had been 4 months into the business I had no sign on the building. The grant I received paid towards the building sign. It was helpful and beneficial for me to use the grant for my business. I started operating in May 2022 and my business has grown rapidly which I never imagined. All this credit goes to The Prince’s Trust and Oldham Enterprise Trust for giving me best business support and guidance. Furthermore, Golden Petals Pre-school is now an award-winning setting. I got nominated as finalist, and now Young Entrepreneur of the year for The Oldham Business Awards!

Do Little’s Dogs

Doggy Day Care

My name is Lucy Whitehead, I own a doggy daycare based in shaw, Oldham. We have been open for 2 years. I received initial support and funding from The Oldham Enterprise trust. Without that initial guidance and support from OET my business idea may have stayed just that. I owe a lot to them as they didn’t just help me financially but in every other aspect too. They helped me gain key knowledge and skills with the business workshops they run. They really were there every step of the way and I never felt alone with my business venture, even through some of the rough stages they would support me. Even now If I am struggling with something or need anything they are always there to help.

Kesan Foods Limited

Chilled and frozen meals manufacturer.

Sandwiches, Wraps, Baguettes, salad.

Link to website:

Hayley Smith

Simply Skin Laser Clinic

Following her Oldham College studies Hayley Smith gained experience in the industry working for 8 years with dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and maxilla facial surgeons using the latest technologies at one of the largest skin care clinics in the UK.

In 2010 she won a trip to Avene in France following her excellent product sales and was chosen to attend a specialist course in 2011 for the best performing practitioners By 2016 she decided she would prefer to offer a more personalised touch and follow-up service by opening her own business based in Oldham Supported by the Oldham Enterprise Fund Hayley Smith set up Simply Skin Laser Clinic in Cromwell Court in late 2016 Simply Skin is already establishing a client base.

Custom Label Prints Company.

Hi I’m Savanna, the Owner and maker behind the screen at Custom Label Prints Company.

I have found my true passion for creating and providing custom stickers, making packaging look gorgeous and making customers smile when they’ve receive their order! CLPC supports small to big businesses all over the UK providing personalised stationery such as stickers, thank you cards and scratch cards. I wanted to make this side of the business experience less stressful for my customers.

The help and support I received from Oldham Enterprise Trust have been incredible. They have helped me immensely with creating a business plan, cash-flow, provided business courses such as finance, marketing and social media and 1-1 mentor sessions. I really needed an expert’s opinion and advice on the ideas I had. It is really useful hearing another business expert’s opinions and advice as I think it is extremely important to hear feedback and criticisms to help me grow. The grant has also helped me to buy new machinery and equipment for the business.

If you own a business or would like some personalised stationery for an event, then please send us a message, we will be more than happy to help!



Oldham economy gets £220k boost!


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