Businesses can share up to £30 million for project

Powering the next generation of vehicles: apply for funding

Businesses can share up to £30 million for projects that develop new ways of powering vehicles to reduce CO2 emissions and strengthen the UK supply chain.

Driver in car taken from the backseat of the vehicle
Driver in car taken from the backseat of the vehicle. Credit: guteksk7 at

The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) has up to £30 million to support collaborative projects developing new technologies that help to power vehicles of the future.

Reductions in CO2

Projects in this competition must:

  • significantly reduce vehicle CO2 emissions and improve air quality
  • accelerate the development of technology solutions that support low emission vehicles
  • strengthen UK capability and develop the supply chain either in low carbon vehicle propulsion or lightweight systems technology

They should be based around one or more of the UK Automotive Council’s 4 strategic technologies:

  • electric machines and power electronics
  • energy storage and energy development
  • lightweight vehicle and powertrain structures
  • thermal propulsion systems

About the funding

Funding for this competition is provided by the APC, a government-industry body that aims to make the UK a global centre of excellence for low carbon vehicle development and production.

The competition process is delivered by Innovate UK.

Competition information

  • the competition is open, and the deadline is at midday on 7 March 2018
  • projects must be led by a business, and include a vehicle manufacturer or tier 1 supplier and an SME
  • we expect projects to have total costs of between £5 million and £40 million and to last between 18 and 42 months
  • businesses could attract up to 70% of their project costs
  • a briefing event will be held on 15 January 2018

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