OET Enterprise & Employability Hubs

OET Enterprise & Employability Hubs 15/16 Highlights

The principle of the Hubs is to deliver a range of careers, employability and student enterprise (i.e. business start-up) activities and advisory services. This is done via collaboration with schools, students, local businesses and external partners who will come together to support students to gain the confidence to be the best they can be, enabling them to be aspirational advocates for Oldham and successful in their own right.

Some Highlights from 15/16 work of the Hubs

  • Young Enterprise Company programmeThe Young Enterprise Company programme offered to all Oldham Secondary Schools and College. Two schools reached the Greater Manchester finals. A pupil from North Chadderton progressed to the regional and National Final; the first time an Oldham school has reached this level.
  • Charisma ProjectCharisma Project 2015/16 - 7 Schools participated with 150 Young People Involved. The programme supports the confidence and presentational skills of the Young Enterprise Company programme teams.
  • Young Enterprise Tenner ProjectThe Young Enterprise Tenner Project took place in Feb 16 in secondary schools, with 150 young people participating.
  • Young Enterprise Fiver ChallengeYoung Enterprise Fiver Challenge - took place in 12 Primary Schools in June 2016 - this involved over 300 young people taking part.

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