Youth Enterprise Network Oldham

On the 4th July members of YENO (Youth Enterprise Network Oldham) – all previously successful applicants to the Oldham Enterprise Fund – met with local influencers including Town Councillors, Educators, and Youth Workers to relate how the Oldham Enterprise Fund has helped them start and develop their businesses.

Sonia Ayaz (Vice Chair of YENO) welcomed everyone and outlined the aim of the evening – namely to get all attendees on board as Oldham Enterprise Fund ambassadors

Chair of YENO, Eric Bishyika (, who also became Oldham’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the recent Oldham Business Awards, said that the main objective of the meeting was to link in with the organisations present who already have access to young people. Eric stressed that he believed that young people need confidence and skills that enterprise can give which can then be transferable to different roles in life.

Other YENO members Dan Arundel (The Arundel Bakery) and Connor Hall (Live and Now) supported the theme and explained how not only the funding but the related business support via the Business Growth Hub had been critical to the development of their fledgling businesses.

Graham McKendrick (Oldham Enterprise Trust Manager) applauded the initiative of the YENO group and updated the meeting on changes to the Oldham Enterprise Fund funding model in that:-

  • Grants are now available, thanks to a donation from the Stoller Charitable Trust, to eligible applicants under the age of 26 years; and
  • Low cost loans are available, thanks to a donation from the Stoller Charitable Trust, to those aged 26 to 35 years of age
  • For those aged over 35 then the Government’s Start Up Loans Scheme is available
  • Free Business support via the Business Growth Hub is available to all applicants

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