Wind down of the furlough scheme begins this week…

Furlough funding will be cut from Thursday. From then (1st July 2021), employers will have to contribute 10% to their furloughed workers’ wages.

  • Furloughed employee must still get 80% to a max of £2,500 per month for unworked hours.
  • Job Retention Scheme will pay 70% to a maximum of £2,187.50 per month.
  • Employer must pay 10% to a maximum of £312.50 per month.

This added cost may be ok for some employers, but it might not be for others. What can they do? If they can’t find a way to take staff off furlough, and can’t afford the 10%, they may need to look at redundancies.

Our ‘Complex Case’ advice team work with our clients to do redundancies every day of the week, they are fully versed in how to run consultation, how to select employees for redundancy fairly, how to finalise termination of employment.

Whether clients are keeping employees on furlough, bringing them back or making them redundant, we have the tools to help

If you have any clients that may need support with this, or any other staffing or safety concern please contact Steve Oakes of Peninsula who  would be happy to help. His contact details are: -e-mail: – and hi s mobile number is 07814 585 089

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