We’re proud to support the Great Science Share for Schools campaign

We’re proud to support the Great Science Share for Schools campaign.

The Great Science Share for Schools was launched in 2016 and inspires 5 – 14-year-olds to ask, investigate and share the scientific questions that really matter to them. Focusing on the importance of sustainability, GSSfS 2022 will have a Climate Action theme, encouraging pupils to ask questions exploring how their actions might make a difference to the world around them and gather evidence to help answer those questions and then share their questions and findings with others.

The Great Science Share for Schools promotes child-led enquiry, so young scientists do not have to ask scientific questions linked to the Climate Action theme, they can follow lines of enquiry in any scientific context that interests them.

It is free to take part, but you must register via the website to access the resources and receive the newsletter.

Find out more and register here: www.greatscienceshare.org

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