Raytheon Professional Services, have launched a Cyber Academy, which will provide training to develop the skills needed to become a cybersecurity specialist. The retraining programme is designed to create a new generation of cyber security technicians, who will develop the necessary skills and knowledge to secure cyber security employment. It has been created in partnership with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority as part of the Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund. For successful delegates the programme is free of charge.

Start your career as a cyber security specialist. Sign up today!

Also  employers or organisations working with employers, may like to take advantage of the programme too. Please follow the ‘Learn’ link below to find further information:

Raytheon Professional Services with their Cyber Academy that addresses the Cyber Security Skills Shortage

Cyber security is one of the most pressing priorities for organisations today, but recruiting and retaining the experienced staff needed has become increasingly challenging due to the ongoing industry skills shortage.

Is your organisation looking for highly skilled cyber security talent? Learn  how the programme can help!

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