Recipe for Success

The Growth Hub are now open to new bookings with the program running from January to March 2019. The  launch event is on January 8th where companies can get a better understanding of what the programme has to offer plus the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals.

The program is aimed at Food and Drink companies under 3 years old (but not exclusively, we can make exceptions) in the Greater Manchester area with the desire to grow and extend into new or existing markets. The programme consists of the following –

  • Starting with the Launch event (Tuesday 8th Jan 2019 at PWC from 1000-1300)- Listen to all the masterclass providers and the Business Growth Hub to decide which of the events below you would like to attend.  (please let us know if you are unable to attend on the 8th Jan by emailing )

Then the programme consists of the following workshops/events

Strategy/ planning– how to map out a clear and focussed approached to growing a food and drink business using the BCM model. Delivered by experienced Business Growth Hub advisors.

  • Food safety– HACCP, SALSA and due diligence requirements, how to build an effective HACCP or progress towards SALSA and the support available. We will also be looking at regulation and support via Universities, private providers and the Better business for all scheme. Delivered by private FSQMS company.
  • Branding– How to develop clear branding/ on pack graphics and how to assess your brand in the market place and deliver a great branded product. Delivered by private branding agency.
  • Selling online– Taking your product and delivering to the wider online community. SEO, e-commerce platforms, ad campagnas and more included. Session delivered by an award winning digital agency.
  • Selling your product– an in-depth look at reaching out to future customers, what their priorities are and how to sell into Food service, supermarkets, distributions and retail channels. Also looking at pricing, margins, logistics and how to approach key buyers- Delivered by a Food and Drink consultancy.
  • Exporting for the first time– A look at common barriers to exporting, market opportunities, market research and how to get started with your first export plan and the support available. Delivered by Department for International trade.
  • Pitching masterclass– How to build and deliver an effective pitch tailored to your sales strategy. Delivered by a Food and Drink consultancy.
  • Pitching session– a chance to pitch your product and put the lessons learned to the test. Conducted on a 1-2-1 basis with feedback session afterwards. Feedback given by Consultancy and industry professionals.
  • An audience with Morrison– Listen to a senior buyer at Morrisons (and ex ASDA) give their views on how small businesses can engage with and gain listings with supermarket chains and how to overcome barriers to growth. Delivered by a senior Morrisons buyer.
  • Meet the Buyer– (by invitation only)- a chance to meet with Morrisons to pitch your product and receive feedback.
  • TBC- Networking event/ PR opportunity for past and existing cohort.

We have run this program for the last 4 years and have had some great successes including listings with Tesco, Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges, Holiday Inn, Pub chains, Harrods, Booths, Hammonds, export wins and more than few on Dragons Den and Give it a year.

Participating companies don’t have to attend every session, it’s more a pick and mix based on the companies needs but we would like to see at least 3 sessions booked especially if the company wants to attend the Morrisons events. The programme is fully funded ie there is no cost to the companies and there is a great side benefit in that only Food and drink companies can attend so a fantastic networking opportunity and chance to be part of the growing Manchester food scene.

Companies can register via the this link Recipe4Success

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