Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund & Digital Inclusion

Greater Manchester’s ambition is to be a world leading digital city region; one with a bold digital economy, which actively encourages businesses to invest and grow, and one, which puts people, our greatest asset at its heart. Together GM Combined Authority  are working to achieve a city region education, skills and work system that develops...

Real Change Oldham

You may have seen that recently the council and range of partners launched the  Real Change Oldham initiative. If you haven’t then Real Change Oldham aims to support some of our most vulnerable residents and give them practical support to cover essential costs needed to help end or prevent their homelessness. It does this by...

Develop the commercial skills & performance

Develop the commercial skills & performance of your people It’s no secret that effective training develops the vital skills needed to keep employees motivated, productive and committed. It’s also no secret that a good (or bad) manager affects employee performance, job satisfaction, employee and team productivity, efficiency, turnover and the overall health of any organisation....

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