Primary Engineer Programmes

Primary Engineer Programmes

The First Step

For the past 2 years, Oldham Enterprise Trust has successfully been working in partnership with Primary Engineer to deliver a programme of primary school teacher training and celebration events which introduce basic engineering principles to young people.

Via this initiative, the Primary Engineer programme has now engaged teachers in 50 of the 91 primary schools in the Borough. This very popular scheme enables teachers to work alongside ‘real’ engineers on a 1-day training course that
equips them with the knowledge and tools to introduce engineering into their classrooms (along with their dedicated engineer), at both Key Stage 1 and 2.

The project is based around the design and construction of simple vehicles, but uses the principles of Structures, Mechanics and Electrical Engineering in its delivery. Through this programme, Oldham now has some fantastic young potential engineers of the future.

Oldham’s reputation for the quality of our engineers was further highlighted when Angus Macrae an engineer from Unity Partnership recently won the inaugural Primary Engineer Rogers Knight Award – nominated by school teachers and pupils, and presented for ‘The most outstanding contribution to a school participating in the national Primary Engineer programme’.

This is another example of the invaluable investment that Oldham Enterprise Trust is contributing to our young people to enrich the curriculum, link with industry and enhance their life chances.

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