Action needed to stop local lockdown

Unfortunately Oldham is at risk of lockdown – and that could hit your business.

The number of people testing positive for Coronavirus has risen over the last few weeks.

Latest figures, for the week ending 8 August, show there have been 255 new cases in Oldham, which is a rate of 107.5 cases per 100,000 people. The week prior to this, there were 137 cases, which is a rate of 57.8 per 100,000.

When Government imposed a local lockdown on Leicester, their cases were at 135 per 100,000.

If numbers continue to increase in this way, Oldham could face a second lockdown very soon – and you may have to close again.

That could have a huge impact on your business, workers and yourself as we know many of you are just beginning to recover after the first lockdown.

There is no time to lose, otherwise local services and businesses such as gyms and leisure centres, libraries, restaurants, bars and non-essential shops will have to shut.

Your business can play its part by ensuring you follow the latest government advice and guidelines at all times.

By doing this you’ll help to protect your staff, customers and yourself.

Please share this information with your networks and staff.

For the latest information visit

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