A tale of 2 photos

What happens when COVID-19 strikes and you’re trying to run a start-up business that you’ve ploughed your life savings into? You lose you mojo.

This is what happened to me. I’m sharing my story ‘warts and all’ in the event that others whose businesses may be struggling through this pandemic, may find a bit of hope.

A tale of 2 photos

It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. Or maybe that’s the other way around.

These 2 photos tell my recent story.

The worst of times

I’ve been reluctant to share this first photo. But I’m keeping this real because so often so many of us show up at work or with friends or on social media platforms with our ‘best’ face on.  On the surface we may look like we have everything together. The reality may be quite different.

The first photo was taken a week into lock down back in March 2020. To say I’d lost my mojo was an understatement.

My business had been hit hard by the pandemic. I had no money coming in. I was worried about paying my mortgage and bills. I didn’t qualify for any of the government support schemes. I was worried about the health of my family.  I worried about EVERYTHING.

I was paralysed by fear. Anxiety through the roof. Couldn’t eat. Couldn’t sleep. Couldn’t get out of bed. Panic attack after panic attack. I was stuck. I couldn’t think clearly.

I watched people around me who appeared to be effortlessly adapting to the pandemic which was sweeping the world.

Health workers were fighting the battle on the front line with extraordinary courage and strength.

Scientists were working around the clock to discover treatments and create a vaccine.

Engineers were pivoting their businesses and manufacturers re-purposing their factories to make essential health care equipment that was in critical short supply.

Key workers in public services, food, transport and logistics were keeping the country going.   Parents with busy jobs were working, home schooling their kids, joining in with Joe ‘The Body Coach’ Wicks’ daily PE lessons and baking banana bread.

Here I was sitting at home, completely paralysed.  I was doing my best hippo impression, wallowing in a mud of fear and anxiety. I lacked energy and motivation. My confidence took a huge knock.

I just couldn’t understand what was happening to me.  This really wasn’t me was it? To be afraid and wallow in the face of change and challenge when times got tough? It’s not something I’d ever been like before.  Throughout my career, I’d never been afraid of change or challenge. I thrived on it. In fact, I actively sought it. So why was I feeling paralysed? I was horrified and I was stuck. Sitting at home, feeling helpless and dare I say worthless.

For goodness sake, I was a coach.  Why wasn’t I able to function? I felt guilty about all of this.

My mental and physical health were really suffering.  I needed help.  Understandably it was a challenge to access the health system. It had much bigger priorities.

I had a choice. Stay this way or take action. I chose the latter. And to help myself.

I prioritised investment in myself so that I had the navigation tools to cope with this continuous disruption healthily and productively. I knew we were in it for the long haul.  We just can’t be  certain of how things will pan out.

I created a daily regimen combining brain boosting nutrition and neuro literacy. And I used all the tools and experience I had under my belt as a certified coach using evidence based techniques.

The result? I’d found my Mojo.  I felt calmer, healthier and became a productive action taker. I pivoted my business to get results quicker than ever before.  And crucially without freaking out and burning out.  You might say that I’d turned my stress into success.

The best of times

This second photo was taken around Mid April 2020 when I’d got my mojo back.

However bad things get, I always try to find an opportunity. The pandemic has been my opportunity to really find my sense of contribution and purpose in the world and to innovate my business – ok, out of necessity really but there’s nothing like a burning platform to drive you forward.

My experience helped me to originate a new method – the MOJO method.  I’m now digitising my business in ways that I’d never have thought of before and using my experience and the MOJO method to help others get results for their businesses quickly, with clarity and confidence and without the self-doubt and burn out.

I’ve formed collaborations with amazing people who are willing to help and support each other. One is an fantastic local artist and designer. Together we’ve created a whole range of Mojo merchandise too.  We’ve taken a digital manufacturing approach, are supporting UK manufacturers where ever possible (who I happen to think are the bees knees) and aim to be as sustainable as possible.  We’ve launched the merchandise through an on-line print on demand shop.  We’ve done this with very little investment.  I’d never have thought of doing this, if I hadn’t got my Mojo back or looked at the opportunity in the pandemic.

So, my Mojo method has been so powerful that I can’t wait to share this with others to help them too.  I have a mission. To help millions of people around the world find their mojo. Because this pandemic has been exhausting for many and it is having a profound effect on mental health. Too many of us are living in a state of fight, flight or freeze. Not only can this lower our immune systems – something we don’t want when the virus is around –  it can also affect our confidence and motivation.  Living in this fear response long-term can also set us up for more serious health conditions.  That’s why it’s so important that everyone has access to tools that can help mind and body cope with the on-going disruption and chaos of the pandemic. And this is what my MOJO method is designed to do.

It’s a four-part framework that starts with Motivation – finding focus and motivation -and sustaining it; Overcoming Obstacles – finding those internal and external obstacles that stops you from taking action; Joyful Possibilities – enabling you to move from negativity bias to plausibility and Oomph – finding your energy to become a sustained action taker.

I’m introducing it to the world with a Mojo Challenge –  a 14-day taster that can help you bounce back from the chaos and uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  It will involve webinars, daily practices to improve stress and emotional regulation and support from others in the Mojo Tribe.

The Mojo Challenge is brilliant for anyone who is tired of worrying , whether that’s because their business has been struggling, they’ve been made redundant or they’re simply exhausted by keeping too many plates spinning.   When you sign up you will meet others in the Mojo Tribe who are in a similar position.   With me as a guide, we will work together to set the result you want to achieve by the end of the 14 days.  You’ll also take part in fun daily tasks designed to lift you and refill your mojo cup. The Mojo Tribe that you’ll be part of will provide encouragement and help keep you accountable.

The 14-day challenge involves a live webinar or daily practice challenge and live coaching in an online community, before ending with a celebration event and guidance on the next steps.

For more details, please visit https://bit.ly/mojochallenge14 or to check out the Mojo merchandise visit https://rdbl.co/3hFoV8A


Jo Britton, is founder and Director of PACE Development helping people and organisations quickly achieve results with clarity and confidence and without the self-doubt and burnout, using a fresh approach that combines the fields of evidence-based coaching, neuroscience, personal branding and the performing arts.

www.pacedevelopment.co.uk email jo@pacedevelopment.co.uk follow Jo on Instagram jobritton.mojo

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