• Engagement with potential Oldham residentsThis is done through a mix of organisations ranging from those: a. working with young people such as the Oldham College, Oldham Sixth Form College, University Campus Oldham, Mahdlo and the Princes Trust. b. those supporting people into employment and self-employment such as Get Oldham Working and local housing associations.
  • Business FinanceApart from the donation from the Stoller Charitable Trust, that has been the catalyst of this project, a further £3 million has been ring fenced for Oldham by the Manchester Growth Company’s finance arm Business Finance Solutions.
  • Business SupportThis is provided by the Business Growth Hub and People Plus and is a wraparound service which covers both pre and post finance award support.
  • Resourcing ManagementResourcing the management and administration of the project is supported by Oldham Council, the Business Growth Hub and People Plus.

Partnership Working Combining Finance With Business Support

The Oldham Enterprise Fund provides a unique working partnership with a wide range of
locally based organisations. Thanks to the generous donation from the Stoller Charitable
Trust, we have linked with both education and business support partners to provide a
holistic programme of engagement and advice to young Oldham entrepreneurs.